I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I’ve helped.  

“Rory Goshorn is a therapist with a heart. He helped me find answers within myself, always guiding me to the solutions, never “handing” them to me without essential introspection. Tough work? Absolutely. He never gave up on me, even when I wanted to.  He listens, never judges or censors feelings, thoughts or emotions. He was available at times convenient to me, even if that meant the weekends, at night or on the phone. He has been a vital force in my healing. It was through my work with Dr. Goshorn that I finally understood (even embraced) the obstacles that have blocked my personal and professional growth. He is a consummate pro---a therapist with a heart, as well as the human touch.”


“Thanks to my work with Dr. Rory Goshorn I was able to really get “unstuck” and start moving forward in several areas of my life that had been weighing me down. Dr. Goshorn helped me look at my negative beliefs and see the areas that were blocking me from reaching my full potential. I would highly recommend Dr. Goshorn if you are looking for a therapist who really has the skills needed to help move you forward toward discovering and achieving your life dreams.”


“As part of my son's ADD treatment protocol we were clients of Rory's....of the various professionals my son and family have seen over the years Rory was the most helpful and insightful therapists....Rory truly is one of the most qualified in his profession and I would highly recommend him if you were ever in need.  Thank you Rory! “

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